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SilkRoad Cares About Your Success

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SilkRoad Customer Engagement

When you become a SilkRoad customer, we want you to become engaged with our team and other customers. Your experiences, insights and opinions matter to us. And we’ve developed some awesome ways you can become involved.

SilkRoad Champions Program

SilkRoad Champions program is one of the most successful customer advocacy programs in the business. It’s so successful because customers really love what we do and how we do it, and they’re not shy about sharing.

  • Generate positive exposure for your organization, employees, products and services
  • Publicize how your use of technology provides better business solutions, employee relations, and improved customer service
  • Promote your company and leaders in progressive ways
  • Influence the direction of SilkRoad solutions and services
  • Earn discounts to SilkRoad Connections User Conference
  • Recognition among your peers at SilkRoad Connections User Conference

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Earning Points
We value your participation in the program, and we want you to feel good about it. Your program activity earns points for your organization. Earn points towards a seat at SilkRoad’s annual user event, SilkRoad Connections. In addition, the individual participating will be entered into a quarterly raffle for each reference call they complete. Learn How to Earn Points with SilkRoad Champions 

Join the SilkRoad Champions Program
SilkRoad champions are everywhere. Become part of the program and earns the perks. Contact your Regional Sales Director or e-mail the SilkRoad Champions Program Manager directly at

Refer a Friend Now!

As we said, SilkRoad customers love talking about their success with SilkRoad products. As often happens, one person will tell another and another, and – well you get the picture.

We’ve made it easy for SilkRoad customers to refer a colleague at another organization to us. Just provide a few pieces of information and if your colleague is currently not a customer of SilkRoad and buys a SilkRoad product, we’ll give you a free pass to SilkRoad Connections.

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SilkRoad Community

SilkRoad Community Overview

Connect, Engage, Interact, Learn, Suggest, Know, Succeed

When you become a SilkRoad customer, you’re part of a growing community of smart, engaged HR and Learning professionals. We designed and launched the leading-edge SilkRoad Community to be a fully interactive and dynamic portal where our customers can easily connect around products, training and learning, knowledge sharing and support all in one spot.

  • Graphical Home Page: Easy to Navigate to What You Need
  • Easy Navigation: Quick Access to Training and Information
  • Easy Access to product documentation, Support, training, discussions, and more.

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Featured Resources

Secrets to Retaining Millenials

SilkRoad conducted a survey to find out what HR Professionals thought about Millennials and what programs their organizations had in place for them. One of the most consistent issues HR professionals had was retaining their Millennial employees after they trained them and they developed their skills.

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Top Sources of Hire 2015

The Definitive Report on Talent Acquisition Strategies

The 2015 Source of Hire report is back and more comprehensive than ever, covering more than 14,000 sources, 12 million applications, 600,000 interviews, and almost 300,000 hires. The job market is back. And so is increased competition for top candidates.

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Life Suite Video Demo

Imagine an end-to-end talent management suite all accessible through a visual Talent Portal! SilkRoad Life Suite will change the way you look at Talent Management. SilkRoad Life Suite cloud-based talent management suite helps you attract, hire, engage, retain and nurture employee engagement from recruiting and onboarding, through learning and career development; encompassing all aspects of HR management (HRMS) from pre-hire to departure.

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