Recruiting Resources

Recruiting Resources

Everything you need to develop winning recruitment strategies: applicant tracking system (ATS) information, how to find the right candidates, recruiting with social media, and more.

Talent acquisition and recruiting strategies targeted to top hires offer a critical path to your organisation’s success. While competition for the best candidates increases, your HR and recruiting teams must have the answers on where to find the right people while spending money wisely. With the costs of hiring rising as well, it's more important than ever to understand best practices. It’s not an easy challenge. Recruiting costs a lot. But bad hires cost even more. The level of concern about this issue emerged in a recent SilkRoad State of Talent Management Report, which surveyed several hundred HR professionals on their views and challenges:
  • Top worry - 51% said sourcing the right candidates
  • Top worry - 56% said nabbing the Millennials
Let’s stop the worrying and take action. We’ve gathered practical resources, best practices, and valuable tips to help you build a highly effective recruitment program.

How to Identify the Best Sources for New Hires?

Everyone’s talking about talent acquisition. Employers worldwide perform the complex act of juggling cost containment against anticipated future growth while coming to terms with an increasingly online, social, networked, and next-generation hiring marketplace. Even though the economic recovery continues, companies remain cautious about recruitment spending and continue to scrutinise any spending there. At the same time, they recognise the need to grow their workforce and close skills gaps to keep a competitive edge. And that means hiring top talent. Recruitment is a high-stakes activity. Current data shows that companies around the world can spend more than £2,142 per hire on recruiting—depending upon the region, business size, and the employee's skill set. Moreover, if an employee jumps ship, the turnover and total replacement costs have been estimated to run as high as 150 times annual salary for specialised senior level positions. This number is less for lower level positions, but still substantial. Hiring the wrong person drains money and productivity; hiring the right person helps control costs and contributes to a healthy bottom line. Wherever you recruit - whether from high-tech campuses in Mumbai, a hospital in San Diego, or a factory in Tokyo - you’re expected to find and access a pool of best-fit candidates. Great sourcing taps into a pipeline of talented individuals who will drive business results. Sourcing effectively eliminates administrative time, helps reduce employee turnover, and optimises precious recruitment costs. For the last three years, SilkRoad’s Top Sources of Hire Report has provided insights to help professionals understand top recruitment sources used by other companies so that they can develop their own top recruitment strategies.

How to Implement Mobile Recruiting?

Mobile is a massive trend in life as well as recruiting. Technology is no longer a “nice to have,” it’s a must have. Here are some key concepts to keep in mind when entering the mobile recruiting arena:
  1. Don’t dismiss mobile as a phase.
  2. Make it easy for applicants.
  3. Mobile application apps can help you capture and pre-screen candidates.
  4. Pay for clicks on job search engines, not search engines.
  5. Recognise that mobile and social go hand-in-hand.
  6. Broadcast job openings via RSS feed.
  7. Know your audience.
  8. Always use advanced technology when recruiting high-tech professionals – and millennials.
  9. Encourage employees to retweet, repost and refer.
Take a deeper look at the 9 Tips for Mastering Mobile Recruiting.

9 New Ideas to Find, Attract and Hire Best Fit Talent

  1. Cast a wider net – ensure your applicant tracking system offers free distribution channels for job advertisements.
  2. Hire loads of interns – test out the fit with a real work experience.
  3. Use accurate assessments –the best ones can predict a good fit.
  4. Give realistic job previews – candidates can often give a better read on fit.
  5. Let social networking find fit for you – sharing spreads the word.
  6. Involve employees in interviews – different perspectives provide insight into a candidate fit.
  7. Figure out your deeper talent proposition – candidates can be attracted by a chance to accomplish something worthwhile.
  8. Invest in recruitment software – technology can help you uncover quality candidates faster.
  9. Flex the job to fit the person – match jobs and people strengths for a great fit.
Ready to try these out? Read the full 9 Tips for Best Fit Talent.

The Essential Metrics for Recruiting New Hires

Whenever the topic of recruiting metrics comes up, people want to know what to measure. They get the usual list: cost-per-hire, source of recruits, time-to-fill, quality of hire, and perhaps a few more. The trouble starts as soon you begin to dig into actually generating this data. Challenges include:
  • The data is hard to get
  • The specifics of how to calculate the metrics are surprisingly complex
  • The accuracy of the data is debated
  • The business relevance of the metrics is uncertain
OK, you already know the problems; you want to know the secret of metrics success. The secret of recruiting metrics is to start with a question that matters. This is imperative. When you have a question that matters, everything that follows is much easier and HR’s work becomes highly relevant to the business. Of the typical recruiting metrics, which ones will matter to your CEO? Of course, CEOs care about costs, but the savings from reducing cost-per-hire are too small to significantly affect the bottom line. What CEOs care about most is quality of hire. In fact, it is not just CEOs who care; Dave Ulrich’s research shows that one of the most important factors for investors is leadership quality—and that depends on quality of hire along with succession and development. Now we have the start of a good question: “What is our quality of hire?” The question we really need to answer is: “What is our quality of hire in our critical jobs?” Recruiting Metrics That Matter offers essential information on this important topic. Take a look at our full library of blog posts, white papers, eBooks, and more

Additional Resources

Secrets to Retaining Millenials

SilkRoad conducted a survey to find out what HR Professionals thought about Millennials and what programs their organizations had in place for them. One of the most consistent issues HR professionals had was retaining their Millennial employees after they trained them and they developed their skills.

Global Talent Acquisition: Considerations and Strategies

Are you leveraging global talent acquisition strategies?

New technologies allow HR professionals and recruiters to tap into the global talent market, creating both new opportunities for talent acquisition and challenges. This white paper takes a look at some considerations and strategies for this new world.

Top Sources of Hire 2015

Are you plugged into the best sources for interviews and hires?

The 2015 Source of Hire report is back and more comprehensive than ever, covering more than 14,000 sources, 12 million applications, 600,000 interviews, and almost 300,000 hires. The job market is back. And so is increased competition for top candidates.

The Candidates Dish About Your Hiring Process

With the competition for talent on the rise, we wanted to know what job seekers think of the hiring process. We asked over 400 current and recent job seekers what they thought of the candidate experience. This report reveals what is working, what their pet peeves are, and what tools they find most helpful.

Ultimate Guide to Recruiting

The Ultimate Guide to Recruiting has everything you need to know to transform your hiring practices and tap into mobile, social, and other strategies. Recruiting the best talent requires continuous innovation while holding down costs. Make sure you have the complete roadmap!

Request a Talent Acquisition Deep Dive

This deep dive will show you how SilkRoad Talent Acquisition easily links recruiting and new hire onboarding to save time, money and effort, while providing a seamless engagement experience from pre-hire to beyond. Roll out the RedCarpet for applicants and new hires.

11 Essential Resources | Higher Education HR Leaders

Just for HR professionals in higher education: We’ve curated the best recruiting, new hire onboarding, and general talent acquisition resources into one easy to access location. Listen to experts, read reports, check your benchmarks. It’s all designed to help you find top talent, stay compliant, onboard seamlessly across many locations.

Smart Recruiting in Higher Education | Experts Speak

As more higher education institutions turn to recruitment automation, recruiters are discovering the flexibility available to set up programs, work with faculty and staff, and communicate with candidates. A group of higher education recruitment professionals, led by Polk State College, recently gathered to compare notes on programs and the different ways they use SilkRoad’s Recruiting.

Recruiting Video Demo

Discover the power of SilkRoad Recruiting for your talent acquisition. Access the largest free job distribution network available in the market today. Scale your search for top talent. Leverage the latest social recruiting technologies and attract, hire, and engage the best candidates.

Tackling The High Cost of Recruiting

Try these tips to lower your talent acquisition costs.

Recruiting can be costly! Try these quick and simple strategies to reduce costs associated with talent acquisition. The need for organizations to find and recruit quality talent isn’t going anywhere. In fact, US spending on talent acquisition alone went up 6% in 2011. So what can you do to meet your recruiting needs while reducing the associated costs?

6 “Best of” Recruiting Resources

We’ve selected 6 of the most popular recruiting resources in one place. Download ebooks, top tips, and research that can help you strategize talent acquisition and implement best practices.

Recruiting Metrics Matter | Special Report

Getting good value from recruiting metrics is harder than most people think, yet expectations are high. Everyone is talking about HR analytics; leaders expect their HR departments to be, at the very least, reasonably good at generating useful metrics.

Recruiting ROI Calculator | ATS | Find Cost Savings

Calculate the ROI of automating your recruiting processes with this ROI Calculator. Save time and money by using technology for job descriptions, job distribution, source information, and much more.

9 Ways to Get Best-Fit Talent

For many positions it’s not hard to find qualified candidates, but finding people who truly fit can be a lot tougher.

Recruiting Buyer’s Kit | 5 Free Tools

We know finding the right suite of HR software products for your unique organization isn’t a piece of cake, but having the right tool in place can have a profound affect on your employees and, ultimately, the success of your company.

It’s a big decision! That’s why we created the Ultimate Buyer’s Tool Kit to help you evaluate ANY HR software suite or solution.

Recruiting Metrics that Matter | eBook

Getting good value from recruiting metrics is harder than most people think, yet expectations are high. Everyone is talking about HR analytics; leaders expect their HR departments to be, at the very least, reasonably good at generating useful metrics. The pressure is on. HR needs recruiting metrics—and having a stack of data is not enough, HR needs recruiting metrics that matter.

Master Mobile Recruiting | 9 Top Tips

Mobile is a massive trend in life as well as recruiting. Technology is no longer a “nice to have,” it’s a must have. Download these 9 key concepts to keep in mind when entering the mobile recruiting arena.

Top Sources for Hires | Research, Reports, Infographics

Welcome to SilkRoad’s Source of Hire Recruiting Resource Center. Bookmark and share this page as we’ll be updating it with related content!

Employee Marketplace – What’s Up with the Hiring Process?

Every interaction with a candidate is a brand building opportunity for your organization. Gaining insight into the candidate’s experience is vital, given the high cost of recruitment and competition for A-level talent. In a recent SilkRoad TalentTalk survey, 247 professionals revealed what they thought of companies’ talent acquisition practices, as well as the tools and techniques organizations employ.