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Customers Love SilkRoad

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Talent Development

Power your people with real-time performance and learning systems that combine traditional functionality with dynamic, social interaction, and a sleek mobile interface, to keep them engaged and growing. Align goals and objectives with certification and learning programs, and imagine the unique possibilities with real-time recognition and feedback.

SilkRoad Performance

SilkRoad Performance (WingSpan) employee performance management solution enables organisations to align personal goals and objectives with company values and needs. SilkRoad Performance captures the dialog between managers and employees to improve collaboration, compensation management, productivity management, and identify high performers. All in a practical and intuitive platform that integrates traditional and social functionality.

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SilkRoad Learning

SilkRoad Learning (GreenLight) offers a social learning and content management platform to centrally manage, track and report on all activities, including knowledge sharing, collaboration, and mobile learning. SilkRoad Learning combines strong compliance management with an easy-to-use system for use with off-the-shelf and custom-built elearning courseware.

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More than 92% of performance reviews were completed on time with SilkRoad Performance.


61% of companies polled cited regulatory compliance as the goal performance software has most helped them to achieve.


Employees’ usage of training materials at BenefitMall has improved to 95% participation.


HSI experienced 84% reduction in employee time per year for training registration and approvals, eliminating a time-intensive, paper-based process.

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Secrets to Retaining Millenials

SilkRoad conducted a survey to find out what HR Professionals thought about Millennials and what programs their organizations had in place for them. One of the most consistent issues HR professionals had was retaining their Millennial employees after they trained them and they developed their skills.

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Top Sources of Hire 2015

The Definitive Report on Talent Acquisition Strategies

The 2015 Source of Hire report is back and more comprehensive than ever, covering more than 14,000 sources, 12 million applications, 600,000 interviews, and almost 300,000 hires. The job market is back. And so is increased competition for top candidates.

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Life Suite Video Demo

Imagine an end-to-end talent management suite all accessible through a visual Talent Portal! SilkRoad Life Suite will change the way you look at Talent Management. SilkRoad Life Suite cloud-based talent management suite helps you attract, hire, engage, retain and nurture employee engagement from recruiting and onboarding, through learning and career development; encompassing all aspects of HR management (HRMS) from pre-hire to departure.

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